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Who is this page for?
If you are a business, a non-profit entity, or government agency, and you wish to purchase rights to use an image (or images) you found on this site to use in a magazine, newspaper, book, brochure, website, etc., for either advertising or editorial purposes, then this is for you.

- Please go here if you wish to purchase a fine-art print for display.
- Please contact Scott if you are interested in hiring him.
- Please go here if you want to use an image for personal use.

Licensing information:

Please use the Quote Form below to receive a price quote. Generally, the price varies between $150 - $2000, depending on size, placement, circulation, use, and so on.

Rates quoted will generally be for a one-time use in a single publication. Discounts may be given for reprints, re-use, or use of more than one image.

Images will be provided in digital format. You will get a clean, accurately color balanced, high-resolution image via the internet or by CD-ROM, in TIFF or JPEG format. Images will be delivered upon receipt of payment. In rare cases, an original or duplicate slide may be made available.

Payment must be in US dollars, by credit card or by check (drawn from a US bank).

Scott uses FotoQuote software, which provides a database of established prices for the most commonly used forms of commercial image licensing.

Model releases are available for certain images. It is your responsibility to know if you need a model release or not. Please go here for Scott’s non-legal model release information.

Web Use:

Generally, the license fee for use on a website is $250 per image, but can vary depending on size, placement, geographical target, etc. Please contact Scott for a quote with information on your intended use. Please include a URL of a mock up page, if possible, or the URL of the website where the image will be used.

Quote Form

Your name:
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Email address:
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Type of organization:
Type of publication:
Type of use:
Circulation or print run:

yes, I need a model release for this image.
no, I do not need a model release.
I don’t know if I need a model release.
(If you don’t know, please go here for Scott’s non-legal model release information.)


Please use this space to give more details if necessary, especially if you selected “other” in any of the spaces above.

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