BA, Business Administration: Columbia College
Photographic Center Northwest
Rocky Mountain School of Photography: workshops and Advanced Field Studies
Popular Photography Mentor Series
Coupeville Arts Center.

Partial Client List:
- The American Iris Society
- Warwick Resort, Fiji
- Seattle Art Museum
- Bellevue Art Museum
- Frye Art Museum
- Bellevue Downtown Magazine
- First Wellington Corp.
- Kodansha America Publishing
- Hopelink
- New Holland Publishers
- Greater Seattle Business Association
- Three Dollar Bill Cinima
- Waste Management Northwest
- John L. Scott Real Estate
- One World Aikido

Gallery Showings

- Unclad Show, March 2011
- Summer Heat Exhibit, Everett, August 2008
- SEAF, May, 2008
- GSBA Auction, November 2007
- QE3, Art/Not Terminal Gallery, June 2007
- Pratt Art Center Auction, May 2007
- PONCHO Fine Art Auction, April 2007
- SEAF, invited artist, April 2007
- GSBA Auction, November 2006
- Art/Not Terminal Gallery, June, 2006
- - - * 1st Place Jury award *
- SEAF, April 2006
- - - * 2nd Place Jury award *
- ArtsWest Gallery, Seattle, February - March, 2006
- QE2, Seattle, June, 2005
- Seattle Erotic Art Festival, April, 2005
- Cascade Gallery, Issaquah, February - March, 2003
- Cascade Gallery, Issaquah, October - November, 2002
- FotoCircle Gallery, Seattle, February, 2001

Personal Bio:

Hi. My name is Scott Aitken. Among other things, I’m a professional freelance photographer and artist.

I was born in Winnipeg, Canada. My family moved to the US when I was a toddler, so of course Canadians think I speak with an American accent, and Americans sometimes notice a Canadian accent (eh?). We moved out to Washington State when I was twelve.

In high school in the late 1970s, I was a stereotypical photo nerd. I learned to develop and print black and white photos--color being far too expensive for public schools. I borrowed my dad’s Canon camera for the better part of three years.

Another influence on my photography is travel. I have an uncle who used to travel to exotic places like India, Africa, and Nepal, and I was mesmerized by his stories as a child. I joined the US Navy immediately following high school, and was promptly shipped off to Japan. I spent a year in Japan, with shorter trips to several other countries in Asia. By the end of my tour in the Navy, the travel bug had infected me for life. I still travel whenever I have the time and money. It was dissatisfaction with the quality of my travel photos that led me to seek out techniques to increase my photography skills and purchase better quality equipment.

In recent years, I have been doing more studio photography. My latest project is developing a fine art series using a unique lighting technique called painting with light.

I hope you enjoy my photography!


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