Q: Can I use one of your pictures on my website/newsletter/flyer/etc.?

A: All of the images on this website are copyrighted. Using any of these images without my specific permission is not only illegal, it’s not nice. Please ask if you want permission to use one of these images.

If you are a photo buyer for a business or non-profit agency, please go here for information on commercial licensing rights.

If you want to use one of my images on a personal website or personal school paper, flyer, etc., please just ask. I generally say yes under the following conditions:
1. you do not alter the image in any way without my permission, and
2. the text “© Scott Aitken, www.ScottPix.com” must legibly appear next to the photo (above, below, or along the side), and
3. both the image and the “© Scott Aitken, www.ScottPix.com” text must link to my URL (http://www.scottpix.com) if you are using it on a personal web page.
4. I do not wish to promote or denigrate politics or religion. I would like to see the final page for approval.

Please contact Scott if you would like to use an image for personal use.

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