Q:Why do you have both color and black & white versions of the same photo?

A: I want to make my customers happy. Some photos obviously look better in color. Others are obviously more suited to black & white. A few look good either way, and there is no right answer. So I offer both when appropriate.

With new digital technology, it is roughly the same process to produce a black & white photo or a color photo. There is no need to shoot with black & white film. Actually, any color photo on this website could be printed in black & white if you prefer.

Hawaii Gecko. This photo is all about color.

In the black & white version, the gecko almost disappears, and it is no longer an interesting photo.

Tall Building, Low Cloud (Handcock Bldg, Chicago)
This color photo is nearly monochromatic. It is a rather dull color photo.

In the black & white version, the photo has a more classic arty look. Most people would prefer this version.

Angkor Thom 3. In color, you can sense the lush jungle setting and the moss growing on the stonework.

This sepia toned black & white version lends itself well to the ancient Cambodian temple ruins. Both versions are pleasing, for different reasons. Whichever you like best is the correct answer.

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