Q: Do you use any special filters?

A: Occasionally, but sparingly. I generally don't like filters that result in a highly artificial looking photo. In other words, if you can look at a photo and be able to tell that a filter was used, then it has defeated the purpose. The filter I use most is a polarizing filter to cut down on glare. On rare occasions I use a slight warming filter, or a split neutral density filter. That's it.

These days, most filter effects can be emulated in Photoshop or other photo editing software. The one exception is polarizing, which can not be digitally added afterward, and must be done in-camera.

Part of me deplores the idea of spending a grand or more for a top quality lens, then putting a cheap piece of colored plastic in front of it. Therefore, I only use Singh-Ray or B&W filters, and only when it will significantly improve the photo.

Camera stores love to try to sell you filters -- sometimes they make more profit from the sale of a filter than the sale of a camera!

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